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Download the first free antivirus from the cloud. Includes a light, fast antivirus agent connected in real time to PandaLabs Collective Intelligence servers. Thanks to the Collective Intelligence knowledge base this antivirus detects more malware than other traditional solutions, applying improved, non-intrusive detection techniques to guarantee a minimal impact on your computer. Panda Cloud Antivirus protects you without you noticing while you surf the Internet, play or work. Now with improved offline protection, behavioural analysis, improved disinfection capabilities, Process and URL Monitor and a Community Firewall in Pro Edition. In addition new features suggested by the user community have been added as well, like new advanced configuration options. This version includes new user interface and is fully compatible with Windows 8. Truly install and forget. No more worries about updates, settings or complex decisions. Includes a toolbar with URL Filtering option, blocking access to Web pages containing malware. The Pro version includes a Community Firewall, provides PC Vaccine and USB Vaccine to protect computers against dangerous autorun actions and VIP support, 24x7 and multilingual. Panda Security presents a new security model based on ultra-light client/server architecture to process and block malware more effectively and efficiently than traditional products which rely on locally installed signature files. Traditional antiviruses intercept each file in different layers and scan them locally using several techniques, with a considerable drain on the computer?s memory and resources and negative effects on performance. Panda Cloud Antivirus includes local and remote antivirus protection, as well as anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, heuristic scanning and a goodware cache. It consumes an average of just 17 MB RAM, and the impact on the computer is below the industry average. Light. Easy. Secure.

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